Dear Jeremy, I was blessed to have met you. I hope many blessings will continue to come your way. I have a new outlook on my future. I hope you realize how you transform the lives of others. I can now see light instead of darkness. Words can’t express the relief of not being buried alive by credit cards, medical bills, all my debt in general. It’s nice to have someone such as yourself in my corner to help restore my financial situation. I do appreciate your help and representation. Thanks again for everything. I appreciate you very much.

B. C. ~ Tulsa, 74127

I think the entire firm is outstanding. I am very pleased to have done business with Jeremy.

D. A. ~ Kellyville, 74039

Everyone was courteous and flexible. They always answered my questions and did not make me feel like I was a bother to them. You were great to work with and very patient and helpful with any information or documents I needed help with.

R. H. & S. H. ~ Tulsa, 74146

For such a personal and kind of embarrassing situation, your office was very professional and always upbeat, which helps deal with the situation at hand. My experience at your office completely exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much!

R. L. ~ Sand Springs, 74063

It was a very good experience, I learned how to keep a budget and not get myself into this situation again. My attorney was great.

B. H. ~ Tulsa, 74120

Prompt, painless, to the point.

A. K. ~ Tulsa, 74145

I liked the one on one service you provided. You are very good.

G. C. ~ Bixby, 74008

I appreciated the thoroughness of the procedure in preparing the initial papers, the answering of my questions, and the timeliness in answering my emails. I appreciate your help very much.

B. R. ~ Glenpool, 74033


W. S. ~ Tulsa, 74112

You were great, I will refer to anyone in need of your services. You were very professional in all parts of this business, do not change a thing. You made me feel very comfortable after feeling guilty for having to file bankruptcy. You and your secretary put me at ease. I am very pleased from beginning to end, and I want to thank you and wish you both well.

H. L. ~ Jenks, 74037

Excellent service. Answered all questions in a timely manner. Jeremy did an excellent job.

B. H. ~ Sand Springs, 74063

Quick, easy, and would be painless but money doesn’t grow on trees.

C. C. ~ Dewey, 74029

You did very good, may God bless you Jeremy. Thanks for helping me.

L. R. ~ Tulsa, 74115

Very friendly. Very easy to talk to. Thank you so much for all your help.

C. P. ~ Mannford, 74044

We liked how well you handled everything. You made us feel like this was something we needed to do. Thank you for helping us out. We appreciate it very much.

R. M. & T. M. ~ Sand Springs, 74063

Thank you for putting me at ease and also for making such a trying time easier.

J. W. ~ Tulsa, 74115

I felt very comfortable with my attorney. I have never had to go through this in my 66 years. But my attorney does not look down on you for filing. I was married 43 years when I lost my husband. We always worked and paid our bills and had good credit. I felt after ten years that it was my fault for having to file bankruptcy, but Jeremy makes you feel so much better about yourself and I thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

L. G. ~ Owasso, 74055

Very honest, upfront, and your secretary did a great job. I felt very comfortable. Can’t get any better than the way I was taken care of. You changed my life, now I don’t worry about financial problems, stress free, thank you so much.

J. F. ~ Tulsa, 74135

You guys were very wonderful. I have no complaints about anything. We thank you guys so much. Now we can begin a fresh start.

C. T. & J. T. ~ Sapulpa, 74066

Courteous, helpful, informative, I would like to recommend to my friends and will if chances occur. Jeremy is in control of his work with ease. Keep on.

S. M. ~ Tulsa, 74136

Easy to talk to about the case. Jeremy was easily available and returned phone calls when asked to do so.

D. L. ~ Tulsa, 74105

Stay the same and do the same and you will be fine. The entire staff did a marvelous job. I want to thank you personally Mr. Mix, you saved my daughters car and she will be starting college in Texas in August and said that she loves you.

H. H. & A. H. ~ Tulsa, 74128

Very kind and thoughtful.

H. M. ~ Tulsa, 74136

Jeremy is very approachable, down to earth, not condescending. We were relieved that we did not have to sit thru lengthy speeches. Some people don’t need a lot of hand-holding or huge explanations to get thru an otherwise difficult legal issue. Thank you for making our experience uncomplicated.

A.C. & D.C. ~ Sand Springs, 74063

Everything was cool with me. Thanks.

R.J. ~ Broken Arrow, 74012

Very friendly staff and Jeremy really made us feel relaxed and comfortable.

I.T. ~ Tulsa, 74114

Very timely, location is great – not too far out, able to make appointment that was best for my schedule. Bankruptcy is not fun, but if I had to do it all over again I would go with Jeremy Mix. My questions and concerns were always taken care of. I truly appreciate your help. Thank you very much.

B.C. ~ Tulsa, 74127

Friendly, courteous, and helpful.

P.R. & L.R. ~ Tulsa 74146

Jeremy protected my financial interests – he did an excellent job. I came to Jeremy when I was at the end of my financial rope. He professionally took a seemingly helpless situation, turned it around, and gave me a totally fresh start. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

T.T. ~ Broken Arrow 74012

Jeremy is awesome. Kim and I really enjoyed him. Very easy to speak with. Bankruptcy is a painful experience. Thanks for making the attorney/client part so palatable.

D.B. & K.B. ~ Jenks, 74037

All around made me comfortable, keep it up.

D.A. & E.A. ~ Glenpool, 74033